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Background Check Services in UAE

Background Check investigatros of UAE are well known for offering unique background screening services all around world. We have the vast range of finest background screening services in UAE. With years of expertise and immense knowledge, background screeners of UAE are able to provide in –depth information of the individual and prevent various business houses of different size and types from hiring bad employee or getting involved into wrong partnership. Our accurate and exact information helps organization to enhance their strategies and decision making process and protect themselves from undergoing serious issues such as bad reputation, monetary loss, irregularities, no growth etc. We are capable to conduct our best comprehensive background screening services in an effective and professional manner.

Our main verification services are mentioned below for obtaining a background check:

  • Employment Background in UAE
    • Verification of Name/Physical Address/Identity
    • Verifications of Pre-Post Employment
    • Verification of qualifications
    • Verification of work experience
  • Education Qualification Verifications in UAE
    • Verification of School/College/University Degree / testify Diploma and certificates
    • Verifications of Qualification History
    • Verifications of Intuitions history
    • Verifications of professionals Certificates (Like Doctor/Engineer/CA/Lawyers fake Statement along with documents)
  • Registration & Certificates Verifications in UAE
    • Verification of government registered documents
    • Verification of all kind of licenses
    • Verification of digital signature
    • Verification of ration card
    • Verifications of Tax Identification Number(TIN)/Director Identification Number(DIN)/Import Export Code (IEC)/Value Added Tax(VAD)
    • Verification of income tax return
    • Verification of vehicle registration
    • Verification of bank accounts
  • International Public Record Investigations in UAE
    • Verification of International civil litigation searches
    • Verifications of International Bankruptcy Searches
    • Verifications of International citizenship/Nationality
    • Verifications of green card/visa
    • Verifications of International medical license
    • Verification of social security number
    • Verification of International Criminal History Check/Felony and Misdemeanor
    • Verification of International Directorship Search
    • Verification of International MVR Driving Search
    • Verification of International Assets Search
    • Verifications of International Property ownership Searches
    • Verifications of International Mobile/Land line phone Numbers
    • Verifications of marriage fraud on both sides Verifications
  • Other General Verification Services in UAE
    • Verifications of ownership
    • Verification of affidavit
    • Verification of liabilities
    • Verification of fire arm license
    • Verification of liquidity license
    • Verification of mobile number
    • Verification of Antecedents

Our background verification company in UAE assures to keep all of our clients’ information in strict confidentiality. Our corporate investigators can also conduct discreet investigations. We have a consistent track record of accomplishing number of cases with maximum success rate and providing full fledged report considering clients needs and requirements. In order to obtain our verification services, kindly mail us at [email protected].